Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I have...

Hola! I haven't been posting much because, frankly, I haven't been painting much. I am working to change that, though. One way to self-motivate is financial.

Just about the only con I attend is Garycon in March. I always have a great time, but it is too far to drive and Lake Geneva is far enough from the Milwaukee airport that I usually need to rent a car. I can generally split this and the hotel room's cost with a local friend who also flies out to attend, but it's still several hundred dollars altogether. I am working hard to reduce my overall debt, so slapping it all on a credit card is not my preferred method.

In an effort to defray the costs, I am going to try to paint up some of my old and new minis and sell them fairly cheaply on eBay. Just tabletop quality. But people have been known to pay a few bucks to get a pack of orcs for their table. It will also motivate me a bit to sit and paint.

Last night I pulled the last couple GW Dark Elves out of a drawer and started working on them. I got through one spearman, but there is still a crossbowman left. Once those are painted, based, and sealed I will list the regiment (complete with standard bearer, musician, and hero) for auction. I see this as a test case. It also will help me get into the habit again (I hope). Like the original purpose of this blog, it helps me to have specific goals.

I doubt I'll paint my way to paying for all of Garycon with sales, but if I can put a dent in the bill, I'll call it a win.