Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shadow & Flame (finally!)

Well, I have declared the balrog table-ready! He's been spray varnished and photographed, so now he's ready to drag some wizards off some bridges.

I beefed up the base with some green stuff for stability and added  a few Hirst bricks and gravel for rubble. The broken axe was part of the sculpt, but the cracked shield and the skull (in back) were added.

Going for the whole "fire on the inside" look.

Distance shot.

Not 100% happy with the molten sword, but it gives you the idea. The "stripes" on the wings are more molten-y goodness.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Prime Time

Not much painting lately, but I'm going to painting club tomorrow. After which I hope to have the balrog table-ready. For now, it's 82ยบ, low humidity,  and just a bit of a breeze. So what do you do with a day like that when you have some leftover Army Painter blue primer (and plenty of white), along with kids who are scared of zombies?

You turn two of these* (free from a head-injury awareness fair):

Into this:

I stuffed the vents with newspaper before spraying and covered them each with a layer of gloss spray varnish afterwards. I wish my youngest had chosen the Dragon Red over Skull White, but whaddya gonna do? Kids!

*Not the exact same model helmet, but the paint job was identical (I forgot to take "before" pics).