Tuesday, March 31, 2015

They'd be tender, they'd be gentle...

…if they only had some hearts.


HeroQuest Chaos Warriors done.

They were primed with TAP Plate Mail.

Horns: TAP Skeleton Bone
Metal Trim and Rivets: TAP Weapons Bronze
Axe Haft: TAP Oak Brown
Leather: TAP Matt Black
Base: TAP Uniform Grey

Strong Tone Wash

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Murder Hobos, ASSEMBLE!

Here are the "PC" minis in all their glory. The elf and wizard still need sealed.

I added a small translucent bead to the staff's top as a "magic crystal." I also did some very basic gem effects on the wizard's cloak clasps, ring, and headband; the barbarian's sword hilt; and the elf's belt.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Here's one of the HeroQuest skeletons. I've alway like the scythes on these. It's a super-simple paint job. The model was primed black, then base coated with TAP Monster Brown. I did the base with the usual TAP Uniform Grey before the other colors were added.

Bones: TAP Skeleton Bone
Wood: TAP Oak Brown
Metal: TAP Gun Metal

Strong Tone Wash over everything except the base.

I also painted the PC Barbarian, but the pix were so blurry, I'll have to re-take them and post later.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dwarfy Goodness

This is the "PC" dwarf from the HeroQuest set. It was a bit odd painting it because I had primed it and the chaos knights with TAP's Plate Mail spray primer. It's the first time I'd used metallic primers. The theory was it would make faster going on an armored mini, but I found painting over it difficult in places. The smooth surface didn't allow easy coverage. I'm not sure if I'd use it again. Anyway, Here is the dwarf!


As stated before, the steel is TAP plate mail.
Flesh: TAP Barbarian Flesh
Beard/Hair: TAP Ash Grey drybrushed with TAP White
Gold: TAP Weapon Bronze
Tunic/Pouch: VGC Cobra Leather
Wood: TAP Oak Brown
Gloves/Belt/Boots: TAP Matt Black
Base: TAP Uniform Grey

The eyes are just white and black, and the whole thing got a TAP Soft Tone wash.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

HQ Fimir

Here's the test for a Fimir. This one was a little trickier because I was using the TAP Purple Tone wash, but only on the skin. The rest got washed in Soft Tone.

Skin: TAP Uniform Grey w/Purple Tone Wash
Eye: TAP Demonic Yellow and Matt Black
Leather: TAP Matt Black
Metal: TAP Gun Metal or Weapon Bronze
Wood: TAP Oak Brown
Teeth, Tail Knobs, and Claws: TAP Skeleton Bone
Base: TAP Ash Grey

HQ Orc color test

The orcs were spray-primed TAP Goblin Green. I touched up one or two areas where the color was thin.

Leather: VGC Cobra Leather
Belt and arm band: TAP Matt Black
Metal: TAP Gun Metal
Tusks and skull buckle: TAP Skeleton Bone
Eyes: TAP Demonic + Matt Black dots
Base: TAP Ash Grey
Cleaver Handle: TAP Oak Brown

Everything got a TAP Strong Tone wash.

Total brush time was about 20 minutes. The rest will go faster when I'm rank painting them.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

HeroQuest Prime(d)

Warm enough to spray prime! (barely)

I used the TAP colored spray primers to hopefully speed up the painting process.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Barrow Wight

From the batch I bought for my Moria/LOTR stuff. I was going for an incorporeal-glowy green look, but I don't think it quite worked. Still, like orcs, you can't have too many undead minis!