Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dwarfy Goodness

This is the "PC" dwarf from the HeroQuest set. It was a bit odd painting it because I had primed it and the chaos knights with TAP's Plate Mail spray primer. It's the first time I'd used metallic primers. The theory was it would make faster going on an armored mini, but I found painting over it difficult in places. The smooth surface didn't allow easy coverage. I'm not sure if I'd use it again. Anyway, Here is the dwarf!


As stated before, the steel is TAP plate mail.
Flesh: TAP Barbarian Flesh
Beard/Hair: TAP Ash Grey drybrushed with TAP White
Gold: TAP Weapon Bronze
Tunic/Pouch: VGC Cobra Leather
Wood: TAP Oak Brown
Gloves/Belt/Boots: TAP Matt Black
Base: TAP Uniform Grey

The eyes are just white and black, and the whole thing got a TAP Soft Tone wash.

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