Friday, August 5, 2011

Gen Con by proxy

Mr. Joel, my cohort at Faster Monkey Games, is currently at Gen Con. I decided to take advantage of this and have him pick up several Hirst Arts molds I am lacking. Namely from the Water Cavern series and a Gothic floor tile mold. Now I can buildings/dunegeons in "finished" Gothic style, rustic Fieldstone, or make caves & tunnels. SQUEE!!

I plan to have a major castng frenzy after I get the molds from him. I'm going to try and expand my "Hirst Arena" project I started a while back. You can see most of what I've made so far in Fieldstone:

Check out the customized secret door!


  1. Cool molds. Where are those little green dudes from?

    - Ark

  2. The orc with the shield and the archer by the pillar are from a company callled em4. The fellow coming through the secret door is a HeroQuest orc.

  3. Oh, there's also an older post about the em4s here: