Monday, February 13, 2012

Otters and Blocks

Spent a chunk of this weekend working on Shoatima and casting Hirst blocks. I want to build up a goodly stock of the water cavern pieces so I can make some modular caves.

Casting the blocks is great to work on when you can just work an assembly line.  I got a new mixing bowl from MicroMark that's made of flexible rubber. When the remaining plaster is dry, I just crunch it up and dump it out. It works way better than disposable plastic cups. My usual method is to spread an old shower curtain on top of the gaming table as a drop cloth, then line up a half dozen or so molds. I cast them all at once and –an hour or so later– pop out them out and set in a cheapo food dehydrator to dry overnight. The next day, I repeat the process. At the end of a week or so, you can have a surprising amount of tiles and blocks for building.

Since tonight is gaming night, I'll need to clear stuff off, but with luck I'll be able to continue the process tomorrow.

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