Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shadow & Flame WIPs

As promised, here are a few pics of the balrog so far. Apologies again for the less than great photos. I need to set up my camera stuff properly again.

You can see how I covered the "fiery" area with white first, then added yellow and orange. Flame is tricky because you sort of "reverse shade" it. The brightest colors/shades are in the deepest recesses.

This side is closer to done. I've added the cooled skin basecoat back on in places.

Compare and contrast.

You can see some freehand cracks in the wings with the fire showing through. Again, just white then yellow and orange. (You can see a little of the same on the wings' undersides in the first pic.)

There is a similar fire effect inside the mouth, but it still needs some work. 

And there you have it. Besides a Dheneb Stone basecoat on the base. To be continued.

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