Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wolf Goblins & conversions

Two more wolf riders painted last PM. I also converted three to archers. More about that in a minute. First off, here are some pics of a few completed ones.

The spear & shield one is an older WFB one I did a couple years ago, the other two are recent.

Here's a "hobgoblin" made from a WFB orc and a WOTC winter wolf. He's supposed to be Vlack (anyone? Bueller?)

You can see what the model look like separate here:

The hole is drilled just behind the hump of the wolf's back and I don't glue them together so I can remove the goblin rider if I want just a wolf mini. They fit together like this:

Now, the archers. I took one of the normal goblins (unpainted) and put him in a vise, wrapped him in a paper towel to avoid marring the surface. Then I used a jeweler saw to cut off his weapon arm at the shoulder.

Then I take a bow arm from a gobbo WFB sprue, which I just spray primed the whole sprue at once,

aaaand glue them together!


  1. Great conversion! And that's a helpful tip on using a vice and paper towel to hold a mini when you cut it. What does a jeweler saw look like?

  2. @Desert Scribe