Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back to the wargs

I got two gobbo riders painted last PM, but the camera's batteries were dead, so no pics yet. =(

Skin is goblin green (VGC), pants are coal black (p3), tops are cobra leather (VGC), belts are scorched brown (GW), metal is gunmetal (VGC), hilt is dwarf bronze (GW), wood is gun corps brown (p3), and eyes were black + bald moon yellow (VGC). Then the whole thing got washed with badab black.

The overall effect is not bad. There's no saddle or reins, and the little HQ guys look like they'd bounce right off, but they are unmistakably goblins riding wolves, and that's what matters!

I may saw off a few weapon hands and swap them out some holding bows, maybe even a standard bearer. I dunno yet.

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