Monday, March 28, 2011

Back from Garycon 3

It was quite a blast. There quite a few miniatures games going on in addition to the RPG-ing. I took a few pics and will upload them soon. The only one I played was Siege of Bodenberg, where I was on the invader (Hun) side.

The poll is closed and it looks like I'll be working on a dragon soon. The model in question is Mathrangul from Reaper Miniatures. I picked this model up a few years ago and it is still waiting in the wings. Here's a shot of its piece (templar mini for scale):

I had previously gotten it assembled and primed

The top of the head and one claw I plan to paint separately, then attach later. I also want to make him with a decorative stand for shelf display, but able to be removed for play. I have a few theories on how I may attempt that.

The plan is for it to be a big ol' red.

I still am working on the genestealers, but since the dragon is going to be less of a speed paint, I figure I can work on the SH minis in between stages of the big model.

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