Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Actually, not that panicked (yet). I'll try to get through a few tonight.

No painting last night, but a fun 3-sided SoBH skirmish with my gnolls vs. a human militia/peasant mob vs. a zerg rush of halflings. Our normal LL game was shy two people (including the GM) so out came the minis.

Neither of the other two guys had played SoBH before, but it went well. They both opted for quantity over quality and have well over a dozen models each. I had a total of 9 gnolls (hyena men): 4 warriors, 3 archers, a 2H weapon "guard", and the chieftain. The battle took about 2.5 hours. It would have been quicker if we weren't all still pretty new to the rules and there hadn't been so many little models to roll for (though most of the human peasants fled early after two gruesome kills). In the end, it was down to one gnoll archer, one human barbarian, and one halfling slinger. The human barbarian managed to off my gnoll and chase down the slinger to finish it off. Kill point-wise, it was close, with the human side winning largely due to having killed a halfling hero and a veteran as well as my gnoll chieftain.

No orcs were harmed in the playing of this skirmish.

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