Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in business

The shelves and table are re-assembled. I actually finished a couple minis that had been languishing to celebrate (pics forthcoming). Nothing fancy, just a GW dark elf and this Reaper "bound victim" piece that came with some cultists (DHL# 3312). I had finished the cultists figs long ago to go with a 9-pack of Darkthralls. Because, who doesn't need a bunch of robed cultist minis, honestly? The DTs + 2 acolytes and a necromancer figure like Leisynn? You got yerself a cabal, baby!

My Labyrinth Lord Night's Dark Terror game is winding down. The PCs are nearly through the module. It's been a lot of fun (I love B10), but I think I'm going to let someone else take the screen for a while. I'm also hoping it frees some time for painting and scenery. Also, now that the warmer weather is here, if the humidity will die down, it'll be easier to get figs primed and/or spray varnished.

I'd also love to get a chance to get back into Song of Blades and Heroes again, plus try the new Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG. We shall see!

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