Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIPs & Space Hulk

The unseasonably warm and dry October weather this past week was too good to pass up, spray-primer-wise. So I sat down and assembled a bunch of stuff, as well as getting Shoatima prepped and based. I also did an initial color test of a dark elf spearman. WIP pics below.

As promised, I pulled the Space Hulk pics off the camera. I've posted the better ones below as well, but I'm afraid there isn't a lot of detail to see.


The base is some cork on a washer. The exposed part of the washer will be painted like water, as if the otter is standing next to a stream or river.

The completed Blood Angels from Space Hulk

Lightning Claws!

Genestealers (complete)

Dark Elf color test. The contrast in the pic is a bit high. For example, the shield is a mix of Chainmail Silver (VGC) & Black (P3), giving it a slight metallic sheen. The base is snow done with baking soda and glue.

I also got 24 Warrior of Minas Tirith assembled and primed. They are from the same ROTK set as the 48 orcs.

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