Friday, February 18, 2011

The Challenge!

Greetings to whomever may read this blog besides me. Its purpose? To track my progress on a miniatures painting project I'm undertaking. The challenge? To paint 48 Games Workshop Mordor Orcs in 28 days to tabletop quality. Starting today (Feb. 18, 2011) and finishing by March 18, 2011.

2/18: Status? All 48 orcs are assembled, based, and primed (Citadel spray Chaos Black).

The models are a combination of weapon+shield, two-handed weapons, polearms, and archers:

One orc is complete! I started with the archers (as they are the fewest). This one took a little longer because I was testing out my color scheme. I want to keep it fairly straightforward, but not TOO crude.

Color Scheme
Skin: 2 parts Vallejo Game Color (VGC) Cold Grey, 1 part VGC Goblin Green
Hair: Chaos Black (primer) with Citadel (GW) Mordian Blue highlights
Cloth: Privateer Press Paints (P3) Sanguine Base
Leather: P3 Bootstrap Leather
Wood: GW Scorched Brown with VGC Beasty Brown highlights
Fur: VGC Cold Grey with VGC Wolf Grey highlights/drybrushing
Metal: VGC Gunmetal with Chainmail highlights
Teeth/Bone: GW Bleached Bone
Eyes: (Yes, I'm painting the eyes) VGC Orange Fire

Blacks and Greys are washed with Kel's Magic Sauce black ink wash, browns and reds are washed with GW Devlan Mud.

The base is GW Scorched Brown with VGC Scrofulous Brown drybrushing and Woodland Scenics harvest gold static flock. The base's edge is black.

And heeeeeere's orc #1! Only 47 to go!:


  1. So what game (or games) do you plan on using these guys for? Roleplaying? Skirmish? Big battles?

  2. @Desert Scribe
    RPGs mostly. I'm not a wargamer, but I do have the Mines of Moria box set from GW, so I suppose I could make Goblin/Orc army along with my balrog.

    I run old-school games like B/X D&D, which dont use minis in the rules, but I like to having them on the table for the look of it. I hold with the view that you can never have too many orcs (or zombies)!

  3. We use minis in the D&D/LL game I'm playing in, but as a player, I'm thankful the DM hasn't (yet) had the need for 48 orcs on the table. :)

    Since you have all this figures, I encourage you to check out Song of Blades and Heroes, a quick-playing, simple set of skirmish fantasy wargame rules. It's designed for warbands of 5 to 10 minis, and you can play a game in less than an hour.

    1. Song of Blades and Heroes is an excellent game system for fast and furious battles. I also recommend Darkest Africa and A Good Day To Die.

  4. LL? That's what we use primarily. I'm part of Faster Monkey Games if you follow the micro publishers. =)