Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 8: 16/32

Four more polearm orcs complete! Pic to follow soonish. I'll be happy to be done with these guys. The weapon shaft against the torso makes painting that area a pain. Sword and shield will be a nice change of pace.

Speed painting means sometimes deciding that No, you don't need to get every little part painted super-carefully, but still trying to be fairly neat.

Frustrating moment of the day: trying to glue static grass onto a base whose mini was still damp in a spot or two from the ink wash, then having to pick the grass off the wet parts. Haste makes waste.

Played another round of SoBH with my 7yo daughter. She played a purple worm and three orc warriors, trashing my elf hero and 2 elf archers. =)

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