Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 2 Status

3 more archers complete! The weather held and I was able to spray varnish them as well.

Total done/left: 4/44

Pics forthcoming. (I'll try to post pics as I go along inasmuch as possible)

EDIT: Here are the archers so far: The day one orc is the guy on the left rear.


  1. You realize all these rank-and-file will need a commander, right? And a standard-bearer, and a musician, and a champion, and ...

  2. The beauty of using them for RPGs is that
    A)I don't have to follow all those rules, and
    B) I can mix and match the models from other companies and can cobble a horde together from all my other orc minis. Heroquest, Reaper, em4s, etc.

    With these 48, I could probably field something like 150 painted orcs, including things like Reaper's Varaug as a general. I have an em4 orc spearman I converted to a musician (drummer), and several would do as a champion. I guess a future project is a standard bearer. =)