Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SPACE HULK: Delivered!


I finished the last of the Genestealers at Sunday's painting club meeting. They were tabletop all the way, but I don't think I embarrassed myself TOO much with the paint jobs. I got a layer of Testor's Dullcoate on them Monday afternoon and handed them over to my friend during Monday night's gaming session. It was his birthday to boot, so it was a nice surprise present for him.

I tried to take a few quick pics, but I don't think they came out very well. When I get a chance to D/L them from the camera, I'll see if any are worth posting.

Ah well, on to more fun things. Next up, I think I'll try and get Shoatima ready for my wife. Then, we'll see. Perhaps that dragon...

PS- I also picked up this guy while at the game store Sunday. (I couldn't resist)

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