Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Progress Behind the Scenes

I haven't worked on the Moria stuff in the last few days, but I have been painting a bit. I also finally got around to fixing my painting table. The surface is a metal tabletop that hangs on a free standing frame with shelves (IKEA, I think). I'd had to move it about a year ago. When I reassembled it, I hung the table two notches too high (about 36" off floor). It made for uncomfortable painting, but I didn't realize my mistake until much later and I'd put everything back. As a result, I was painting less. On Father's Day, I spent some of my "Me" time fixing it, and now it's back at proper desk height.

I also painted a few older figs to practice some layering techniques I'd been studying from's videos (I recently signed up for their Vault membership). I will post some pics soonish. I also worked a little on the GW Dark Elves.

Lastly, I made a purchase last night. I picked up a Paintier 80 carousel from my FLGS. It should make seeing and finding my paint colors a bit simpler than the box cases I've been using.

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